Programa de l'estada Erasmus Institut de Camarles

divendres, 28 de febrer del 2020


15th March:  Arrival of our hosts. Picking up them at the station and host them in families.
16th March:
-         10.00 – 13.00: Deltaventur( sport activities in the heart of Delta: kayac, canoeing, “perxa”).
-         13.00-14.30: Lunch
-         14.30-17.00: Visit “El Garxal”, Riumar, “Bassa les Olles”
17th March:
-         8.00-9.00: Getting to know Institut de Camarles.
-         9.00- 10.30: Statistics lesson  about water consumption at our schools. Coordinators can have a meeting meanwhile to talk about the project.
-         10.30-11.00: Take the bus to go to Món Natura.
-         11.00-13.30: Workshop on “Green filters”: Món Natura.
-         14.00-15.30: Lunch in “Casa de Fusta”
-         15.30-17.30: Visit “El Trabucador”, “La Tancada”, “L’Encanyissada”, important lagoons.
18th March:
-         8.00 : Meeting at school and take bus to Tarragona.
-         10.00-12.00: Guided tour in the Roman Tarraco: we will visit the Roman walls, amphitheatre, circus…
-         12.00-14.00: Lunch break
-         14.00- 15.30: Solving a quiz.
-         Free time to go shopping.
-         18.00: Going back to Camarles.
19th March:
-         8.00-9.00: Presentations on water analysis.
-         9.00-10:30: Elaboration of a water-waste plant. From 8 to 10:30 coordinators can have a meeting to talk about the project.
-         10.30-11.00: Break
-         11.00-13.30: Visit and workshop at the water-waste plant in l’Ampolla.
-         Afternoon free: we can meet and visit Tortosa.
-         20:30: Dinner party altogether.

20th March:
-         8.00-10.00: Painting workshop.
-         10-12:00: Presentation about this week activities and project in general to authorities, parents and students.
-         12.30-14.30: Music festival
-         Afternoon free
21st March: Saying goodbye!

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